The robot cells from the Tool changing Series are both in capacity and variety the all-round tool solution

Our Toolchangers offers a very high storage capacity of tools (up to about 500). In particular, the “Rotation” offers a high storage at minimum floorspace. They are ideal for heavy and long tools. The Toolchangers have fast switching times due to the high dynamics of the robot and they are always conveniently arranged. In addition, they can be combined with every machine control system. Also, they can immediately change to the machine-spindle or the tool magazine of the machine. On the left page there are mentioned 6 different groups. Above you see how the Toolchangers relate to each other in floorspace and height.

Toolchangers Options

  • Fracture measurement
  • Revolving doors instead of sliding
  • RFID reader
  • Touchpendant
  • Tool cleaning
  • Cone cleaning
  • Heightmeasuring with laser
  • Heightmeasuring with light


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