"We chose SMW barfeeds because of their fast 2-minute changeover. Many of our lot sizes are 20 pieces."
Joe Brown - Hartzell Propeller - Director of Manufacturing


"We needed a second shift but couldn't find machine operators to work nights. Spacesaver was the answer."
Mike Pleban - California Machining Center - Owner


"You can summarize our opinion on SMW Indexers and Rotary Tables in just three words: THEY DON'T BREAK." 
David Roher - Marino Engineer - General Manager


"We use mostly vises to fixture our work and never realized that a pallet changer could improve output until we tried one." 
Jerry Bell - Curtiss Concepts - Shop Manager


"Switching to high-speed SMW barfeeds got us a quantum-jump in productivity and our business blossomed."
Bernie Schrieb - Toolrite Mfg. Inc. - Owner


"The advantage these chucks have brought to our operations have resulted in huge gains in productivity."
Roger Fisher - CNC Department - Esterline Whitney

"We use soft jaws almost exclusively for first and 2nd end operations, the SMW chuck is a profit multiplier."
John Svabenik - Lokring Coporation - Ops. Manager


"We hold 0.0005" tolerances on a variety of work, and the Rotary Tables withstand heavy cutting tool pressures."
Lestor Goetzke - Mid Town Mfg. - Owner


"We often get orders for one or two pieces overnight. If we want to keep our customers happy, we have no choice."
Jim Tankersly - Laser-Tronics - Owner


"Chuck jaw changeover and soft-jaw reboring were a huge component of our work cell changeover time." 
Rick Hanes - Wacker Corporation - Mfg. Engineer


"We ran our SMW tables 3 shifts per day, 7 days per week, for 2 years with no problem at all."
Walt Decker - Decker Enterprises - Owner


"When JIT hit the aircraft industry, our world changed dramatically. Pallet changers helped rescue our profitability."
Gerald Hirschler - Hirschler Mfg. - President