KME 5 Axis Systems


5 Axis Wireless Tombstone

Achieve 5 axis capabilities on your 3 axis horizontal machining center with KME’s Wireless 5-Axis Tombstones.

KME CNC 5-axis Systems gives you the competitive advantage by decreasing setup and machining time while increasing accuracy, repeatability, and profitability!

Custom 5-axis tombstones can be made to specific machining needs, including aluminum tombstones, double sided tombstones, tall, wide, offset, as well as different drive configurations.


5-Axis Trunnion Tables

Turn your Vertical Machining Center into a 5-Axis Production Machine!

Designed specifically for Vertical Machining Centers, KME CNC’s 5-axis platters are built right into a precision rigid meehanite cast iron trunnion frame and table.

Standard models come with 1, 2, or 3 independent 5-axis platters on the trunnion table, giving your VMC full-range production capability.

Just like the 5-axis tombstones, KME CNC’s trunnions are able to completely integrate with control systems, so you do not need to program the control box. Our units will work with direct g-code from your machine controls.


4 or 5 Axis Rotary Indexer

Engineered to tailor complex machining needs, KME’s rotary tables can easily integrate with your vertical machining centers. It can turn your vertical machining centers from 3rd axis into 4th, or 4th into a 5th by simply mounting the rotary table right on any pallet.

With the rigid build, a solid meehanite cast body frame, to the tremendous torque capacity (250 ft-lbs), this little compact unit has a torque rating that is unmatchable. Its compact size allows it to be used in numerous applications and with its seamless interface, you will find this rotary table to be a simple plug-and-play!