Magnetic & Non-Magnetic Filtration


CoolMag: The industry's most effective magnetic filtration!

  • Drastically reduce your tank cleaning time
  • Dramatically improve your coolant filtration
  • Provide filtered coolant, automatically, all of the time
  • Eliminate the use of filter bags and cartridges

Potential applications include:

  • Continuous tank cleaning
  • Integrated pre-filter for high pressure coolant
  • Spindle pre-filter
  • Low pressure pump filter
  • Process pre-filter


  • Patented design and unique flow path provide coolant quality to 5 microns
  • Compact durable design
  • Most powerful rare earth magnet (9,000 gauss)
  • Fully adjustable automatic purge cycle
  • No mechanical scrappers or items that need routine maintenance
  • Can be sized to handle any flow potential
  • Complete packages available for tank cleaning, fluid circuit filtering, high pressure coolant pre-filtering and much, much more.

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Non-Magnetic Filtration

Bag Filter Housings

(SF) Single Filter Assembly Show

  • Large surface area at an economical cost
  • Integral Sensor Switch for automatic filter monitoring
  • Media is easily and quickly replaced
  • DF is duplexed for continuous-run applications

Part No.

2000 SF Assy Single Filter Assembly
1478 DF Assy Dual Filter Assembly

Non-Magnetic Filtration Specifications

Specifications SF Assembly DF Assembly
Max Pressure 60 psi(4.2 Bar) 60 psi (4.2 Bar)
Inlet Fitting 1″ -16 JIC 37° Male 1″ -16 JIC 37° Male
Outlet Fitting 1″ -16 JIC 37° Male 1″ -16 JIC 37° Male
Drain Hose Fitting 3/4″ Male Hose Barb 3/4″ Male Hose Barb
Bypass Hose Fitting 5/8″ Male Hose Barb 5/8″ Male Hose Barb
Paint Powder Coat – Light Grey Powder Coat – Light Grey
Footprint Approx. 15″dia (380mm) 15″ × 28″ (380 x 710mm)
Shipping Weight Approx. 80 lbs.(36 kgs) Approx. 175 lbs. (80 kgs)
Mounting Pattern 3x 3/8″dia (3 x 10mm dia.) 6x 3/8″dia (6 x 10mm dia.)

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