Collet Chucks

Over 30 years of innovative design

All of our Collet Chuck models are made from the highest quality materials to ensure long, accurate life.
— Ken Erkenbrack - President - ATS Systems
This video shows step-by-step how to remove a jaw chuck from a CNC lathe and install a ATS Systems collet chuck. For more information contact ATS Systems at (800) 321-1833


True Length

Ideal for finishing operations where holding linear accuracy is a must. Click on the image to learn more

Pullback Chuck

Perfect for 1st operation work and feed to length barfeed applications. Click on the image to learn more

Quick Change True Length

Possibly the most versatile chuck we offer. Ideal for barfeed applications, 2nd operation work and much more, these chucks offer the shortest Z axis length. Click the image to learn more


Manual Chucks

Adaptable, versatile, easy to use. Ideal for milling, grinding, and turning. Click the image to learn more


ID Workholding & Pneumatic Cylinders

Expanding Mandrels. Soft Mandrels. Pneumatic Cylinders for any brand of rotary table. Click on the image to learn more