In today’s machining industry, automation is the key to a healthy and thriving production process. But when you add a robot to your workforce, you need to opt for flexibility. Long-term profitability requires a system that’s so flexible it meets your needs of both today and years into the future.

Cellro is a first class developer of robotic automation for the machining industry. ‘Futureproof’ is the company’s core principle. A Cellro system is designed to increase your profits for years to come, thanks to a clever combination of a modular structure and intelligent software. When your production changes, only a Cellro system can adapt to your new needs.



Surprisingly versatile

Xcelerate stands for all-in-one technology. The robot is capable of many diverse handling tasks, all at unrivalled speed and with utmost precision. Product change, pallet change, cleaning, deburring and 6-sided machining. Years of research and development enabled Cellro to bring so much functionality together in such a compact and accessible solution. That’s what we call Simply Revolutionary.

A new challenge for your employees

So, what does Xcelerate entail for the people on the shopfloor? Their focus shifts from simple and mundane tasks to the more motivating overseeing task of process management. Xcelerate makes way for their full potential.


Easytouch. Because why should things be more complex than necessary?

Why should a robot be any harder to operate than your mobile phone? Indeed, it shouldn’t. And with Xcelerate, it won’t.

During Xcelerate’s entire development, we chose to keep things as easy as possible – but not any easier. Guided by the intuitive Easytouch Controls, anyone can fluently communicate with the robot at the touch of a fingertip. Program configuration is now a matter of minutes.

No programming knowledge required. No new expert personnel needed.



A gentle colleague who always has your employees' security at heart

As a supporting robot, Xcelerate often works alongside humans. This raises the demand of perfect safety.

Xcelerate is equipped with a first-class floorscanner, which is at all times connected to the Fanuc software. Never will the robot suddenly budge when people are in its presence.

Even when someone enters the workspace during actual production, the robot will temporarily slow down its job in order to guarantee safe passage.


Xcelerate shifts your profit to the next gear

When you opt for automation, it is no secret that the aim is to increase your profits. And with Xcelerate, profits will certainly increase – even when you have yet to take your first steps into the world of unmanned production.

Because of Xcelerate’s attractive price and rapid return on investment, one can automate feeling a high degree of certainty. While Xcelerate necessitates just a minor change in operations, it bears a major influence on your profit. In three key ways. It fuels maximum hourly production, at fewer costs and – if desired – until long after the regular dayshift.

Today, profitable automation lies within reach for almost the entire machining industry.


Options & Configurations

Tailor-made for everyone

Not a single machining company is the same. That’s why we enable you to tailor your own Xcelerate with smart options that suit your specific needs.