Ultimate Chucks

Ultimate Chuck™ Model UC2

High performance quick jaw change chuck for the shop running small batches

  • The Solution for First Operation Chucking
    • A few sets of jaws quickly adjust to cover a wide diameter range
    • Change, adjust or reverse all three jaws in one minute
    • 1/4 turn wrench, no T-nuts or bolts
    • Adjust hard jaws in and out to any diameter
    • Only three sets of "Deep Bite Job Shop" hard jaws cover full grip range OD and ID
      • Stop using inadequate grip soft jaws for roughing operations
      • "Deep Bite Job Shop Jaws" transmit torque for maximum metal removal

Ultimate Chuck™ Model UC2 B-Model

Model UC2B allows using existing custom wide top jaws

  • Optional master base jaws available to fit common serrated and T&G top jaws
  • Note: the High Performance jaw system of the UC2 is not available for the UC2B
  • Better for vertical lathes with O-ring seal to prevent coolant entering between drawtube and spindle bore
  • Full custom packages installed on your lathe by ATS engineers
  • Two year warranty with ATS installation
  • Supported by local ATS Service Technician through the life span of the chuck.
  • Optional High-Low hydraulic systems available
  • The Solution for Second Operation Chucking
    • Eliminate Soft Jaw Reboring
    • Save 45 minutes of changeover downtime
    • Bore jaws only once, store for weeks or months, reinstall with 0.0005" TIR guaranteed without reboring (7" to 12" chucks, 16" chuck 0.0007" TIR)

Monoblock Soft Jaws

  • Double ended - bore each end for a different part
  • Premium alloy steel - lasts much longer
  • No bolts to interfere with gripping surface
  • Quick change
  • Additional Benefits
    • Ultimate Chuck™ wedge bar design allows 25% higher spindle speeds
    • Ultimate Chuck™ maintains 65% of starting grip force at maximum rated RPM.
      • Common chucks maintain only 30% even at their lower rated RPM