Magnetic Filtration

CoolMag: The industry's most effective magnetic fitration!

  • Drastically reduce your tank cleaning time
  • Dramatically improve your coolant filtration
  • Provide filtered coolant, automatically, all of the time
  • Eliminate the use of filter bags and cartridges


Potential applications include:

Continuous tank cleaning
Integrated pre-filter for high pressure coolant
Spindle pre-filter
Low pressure pump filter
Process pre-filter


Patented design and unique flow path provide coolant quality to 5 microns
Compact durable design
Most powerful rare earth magnet (9,000 gauss)
Fully adjustable automatic purge cycle
No mechanical scrappers or items that need routine maintenance
Can be sized to handle any flow potential
Complete packages available for tank cleaning, fluid circuit filtering, high pressure coolant pre-filtering and much, much more.


Non-Magnetic Filtration

Bag Filter Housings

(SF) Single Filter Assembly Show

Large surface area at an economical cost
Integral Sensor Switch for automatic filter monitoring
Media is easily and quickly replaced
DF is duplexed for continuous-run applications

Part No.

2000 SF Assy Single Filter Assembly
1478 DF Assy Dual Filter Assembly