High & Medium Pressure Coolant



•  Powerful Stand-Alone Media Free filtration provides 5um continuous filtering of your entire machine tool coolant supply
•  Can be installed on any machine to solve tough filtration problems
•  Small Footprint:  16”x22”/406mmx559mm

EcoJet Series

Features: •8gpm/30lpmFixed Flow Units
•Media Free Filtration – Water Coolant Only
     •EcoJet20 – 300psi/20bar
     •EcoJet70 – 1000psi/70bar
     •EcoJet140 – 2000psi/140bar
•Filtered Models – Water or Oil Coolants
     •EcoJetF-20 – 300psi/20bar
     •EcoJetF-70 - 1000psi/70bar
    •EcoJet-F140 – 2000psi/140bar
•Small Footprint – 25”x28” / 635mmx712mm


UltraFlex Series

Model U70-36 U70-60 U55-75 U140-15 U20-80
Unit Volume 8gpm/30lpm 15gpm/60lpm 20gpm/75lpm 5gpm/15lpm 20gpm/80lpm
Basic Pressure 1000psi/70bar 1000psi/70bar 750psi/55bar 2000psi/140bar 300psi/20bar

Unit Specifications:

Flow: Fixed & variable model

Pressure: Single & variable pressure

Outlets: Two high pressure outlets, upto four on board

Up to 8 outlet configurations available

Reservoir: 50gal/195l Clean Tank

Standard Features:

  • On board feeder pump(s)
  • Operator Display
  • Dual high capacity quick change 10um filters
  • Built to requested voltage - 240/480
  • Interface cables and hoses to 20'
  • Compact footprint - 32"x51" / 812mm x 1295mm

Unit Options:

  • Media Free filtration:
    • Filters all of the machine coolant
    • 20gpm/80lpm to 5um continuously
  • Unit mounted integrated 2ton chiller
  • Unit mounted integrated 850cfm mist/smoke collector
  • Outlet manifold kits -4 & 8 port
  • High/Low filtered coolant kits